Bebeto Matthews, Associated Press
This Nov. 23, 2013 file photo shows a shopper carries Macy's bags while crossing an intersection outside Macy's in New York. Getting up early on Black Friday for a little shopping?

In just two days — or, in conformity with recent trends, one day — roughly 97 million people are expected to rush into a shopping frenzy. Black Friday is upon us.

Not everyone is impressed, however. Bloomberg News’ Barry Ritholtz, for one, partially blames an irresponsible obsession by the media that feeds Black Friday hysteria. By offering false “projections” and “predictions” of the holiday shopping season, Ritholtz believes the public buys into a false notion that the day after Thanksgiving is worth paying attention to.

“Investors who don’t enjoy losing money should ignore the media coverage of these misleading, inaccurate surveys (predicting Black Friday’s influence on the economy) with extreme prejudice,” Ritholtz concludes.

Whether Black Friday is all hype or the real deal is largely irrelevant, however, because consumers rely on the tradition for their annual holiday shopping kick-off. The deals might not be that much better, but people are far more aware of them.

To help navigate this year’s plethora of deals, has compiled a list of the 16 best doorbuster deals for families and individuals this Black Friday.

The list was compiled using various deal aggregators such as and reflects the advertised discounts for the various products highlighted. We did our best to not only find great deals on electronics — which typically get the most attention — but also products the whole family can enjoy.

Find out the 16 best Black Friday deals for you and your family.

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