The editorial by former U.S. Sen. Bob Bennett ("Caucus delegates are not reliable," Nov. 25) calls attention to the reason he is a former senator. I am firmly against the Count My Vote petition for a primary system which eliminates the caucus system. The true genius of our caucus system is that it completely levels the playing field.

Delegates are those most willing to be involved in the democratic process. We pick one-time, limited representatives to attend the state convention where potential candidates are forced to be accountable to the people they wish to represent. Unlike a purely democratic primary system, which would make rural Utah irrelevant because they only need a majority to win and rural areas will have no delegates to represent them.

My father has been a delegate and I along with my neighbors trust him with our votes. You can talk to your neighbor delegate, but good luck trying to talk to Sen. Orrin Hatch. I contacted his office numerous times this past year and have only received a generic email. In a purely open primary, candidates will just tell the voters what they want to hear. In a state convention, candidates are subject to a more thorough vetting by people who are less easily swayed. As Bennett stated, if "caucus delegates are not reliable" then shame on us for electing someone not reliable.

Krista Simonsen