As a parent, I am concerned about the disregard our society displays regarding the level of violence that is portrayed in video games. Less than a decade ago, there were regulations put on popular music artists that used phrases in reference to being “cop-killers,” part of which included a label on the product's package that said "illicit lyrics."

In today’s market, there are games in which the plot or storyline includes and rewards the killing of cops. The regulation in place would barely lend any warning that the content of this game is anti-social in nature. Today’s label on violent video games is the letter “M” for mature.

Since when was it proper for mature individuals to entertain themselves through the imaginary recreational sport of cop-killing? How far down the spiral of desensitivity has this country slid? The “M” needs to stand for malicious. I can’t argue that it is a waste of time and talent, but please call the product what it is. Stop putting lipstick on the pig. Games where the player induces death upon other characters in a detailed and gory fashion should have harsher regulations. The sad thing is that if there was an honest and unavoidable warning label on the product, it would offer the game more attention and an increase in revenue.

Garrett Shaffer

St. George