From November 19-24, the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City is playing host to delegates from 12 Pacific Rim countries for high-level negotiations of the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership treaty. Civil society organizations have been ringing alarm bells about the TPP, principally because it aims to push regulatory changes that promote — indeed have been written by — corporate interests at the expense of democratically enacted laws.

Leaked documents (which have been the only source of information on these highly secretive negotiations) suggest that the TPP will contain “investor-state dispute resolutions” that would give transnational corporations still more leverage over elected governments, including the ability to sue against environmental, labor, health and other public interest regulations that might limit their “expected future profits.”

For this and many other reasons, the TPP represents an astonishing assault on democracy and national sovereignty, threatening not only existing public interest laws, but the ability of governments to pass such laws in the future. The TPP and treaties like it have the potential to detrimentally effect all of us. Citizen opposition is urgently needed.

Jonathan Jensen

Salt Lake City