Utah's non-discrimination bill, which would allow for those in our communities to use whatever public facilities they personally identify based on their sexual orientation, is not a good bill. For this segment of society, I empathize with their desire to be who they feel they are inside. However, this bill looks like reverse discrimination to me.

There is no official process by which a person declares their gender identity and therefore could be abused by someone whose desire it is to abuse children or women simply by saying they identify with females and therefore should be allowed to use the bathroom and shower facilities of that gender. This is the same for women who identify with the male gender.

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Elected officials should not pass this amendment. Utah has non-discrimination laws for the workplace and housing for the LGBT community; no other laws are necessary. This goes over the line of public decency and puts our community at risk for abuse. It will increase access to women and children by those who don't have gender identity challenges. It is disingenuous to those members of our community that have a legitimate gender challenge. What happens to them when a person decides to abuse this law?

Carie Valentine