One year ago, Deseret Digital Media launched OK.com, an online family media guide designed to provide customized information on movies — both in theaters and streaming at home — so parents can decide if a film meets their standards and is worth their time to see.

The website is celebrating its anniversary with a new design, monthly prizes and other new features. OK.com has also been promoting its slogan, "Say goodbye to awkward — connect with family and friends to get media recommendations you can trust," through television commercials and social media.

"The new layout is designed so it's clean, easy to navigate and focused on a positive user experience," said Ken Ahlstrom, OK.com's lead developer.

The website allows visitors to find something to watch through a personalized system of ratings and reviews that can be shared with friends and family, Ahlstrom said.

In addition to being able to read movie critic reviews from Doug Wright, Michael Medved, Roger Moore and others, OK.com's signature rating widget allows visitors to rate a movie, determine the appropriate age to see a movie, and vote if it's "worth your time" to see or not. Once logged in, users can also create categorical lists of movies on their website profiles. For example, a user can compile a list of favorite movies, bad movies, sports movies, etc.

Ahlstrom says the site encourages users "to leave your own opinion and let you build a trusted network of reviewers."

Another feature provides the nearest theater locations, what's playing, and movie times.

If you want to stay home, OK.com lists all the movies new to DVD and streaming, as well as whether a movie can be rented or streamed with Amazon, Redbox or Netflix.

Those willing to rate and review movies will be eligible for monthly prizes, including T-shirts, movie tickets and Redbox rentals.

The website's timeline of recent activity features the latest movie trailers and entertainment news. The new design is also mobile friendly, giving users an app-like experience.

Bobby Macey, OK.com's marketing director, says the website's presence on all the main social media platforms has contributed to its growth.

"Our presence on social media has helped us to become a hub for people to tell everyone else what they think about movies and create their own entertainment persona," said Macey, whose family members regularly contact him for movie recommendations.

Additional information about OK.com can be found on the company's Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram accounts. Both Deseret Digital Media and the Deseret News are part of Deseret Management Corp.

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