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Seasons 1 and 2 of BYUtv's "Studio C" have recently been released on DVD.

"STUDIO C, SEASONS 1 & 2: The Hit Sketch Comedy Series from byutv," Excel Entertainment, $19.98

With the third season under way, the hit sketch comedy series, "Studio C," continues to be one of byutv's most popular shows. Its popularity continues to increase both online and on television. The first and second seasons have been recently released in a singe two-disc DVD set.

The collection has entire episodes from the two seasons for a total running time of 555 minutes. Sketches include "Shoulder Angel," "Facebook Song," "Awkward Avoidance Viking," "Captain Literally," "Flirting Academy" and the "Candy Land Character Conference." Each disc also features some exclusive extras.

Many of the "Studio C" sketches are available online for free, but several, including the show openers, can be difficult to find or are not available. On the DVDs. you can view the entire episode with the opener and every sketch.

There are three exclusive special features on the discs, the two-minute "Miss Frizzle the Substitute Teacher" and a 40-second short "Just Jeremy Date," along with a three-minute blooper reel.

The special features includes some exclusive sketches and bloopers, but watching them takes all of a few minutes. It would have been awesome to have some behind-the-scenes videos about the cast, crew, show development, fans or production.

Putting two seasons in one set was a great idea and the price is not too steep. All around this is a nice set for "Studio C" fans.

Ryan Morgenegg is a multimedia specialist for the Deseret News.