I have just finished reading Michael Gerson’s column, "Utah Sen. Mike Lee emerges as a communitarian," Nov. 18. Gerson makes good sense and I certainly hope he is on target. What a blessing it would be to the Republican Party if Lee has honestly awakened from his tea-party-induced fantasy — a fantasy to which he has contributed so much — and realized, like Mia Love, that the tea party is not the way to go.

If he can muster the political courage to turn his back on Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and acknowledge the tea party is more in keeping with Lewis Carroll’s "Alice in Wonderland" than anything happening in Boston Harbor 280 years ago, the GOP might possibly have a future. It would be tragic, however, if the senator’s recent attempts to suggest he’s re-thinking the goals of the GOP turned out to be just another case of political expediency to regain the support of GOP moderates.

Although it will be difficult to forgive his role in the 16-day shutdown of the government, Freedom Works, the attacks on Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, and the treatment given Bob Bennett, I think redemption is possible.

Ken Baldridge

Pleasant Grove