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Rebel Raiders" is by Lisa Trimble Actor.

Editor's note: This is one of several recent adventure novels by local authors for middle grade readers.

"REBEL RAIDERS,” by Lisa Trimble Actor, Wasteland Press, $8.95, 148 pages (ages 8-10)

The year is 1863 and Confederate soldiers plunder and burn as they move across Indiana and Ohio. Near Jackson County, Ohio, Brig. Gen. John Hunt Morgan and his troops camp on the Dunbar farm where the family, sick with diphtheria, pray for their lives.

Nine-year-old Cordelia "Dill" Dunbar, who is caring for her brother’s horse and the farm as best she can, bargains with Morgan. She will cook breakfast for the enemy troops if the farm is left intact.

This is a fictionalized account of local author's Lisa Trimble Actor’s ancestors who survived the Confederate raids on Jackson County.

Actor’s colorful dialogue and the action-packed adventure make this a meaningful historical event.

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