Prince James.

Stat line in a recent game: 25 points, eight rebounds eight assists.

Lineage: Son to four-time NBA MVP King LeBron James

It's probably safe to say 9-year-old LebBron Jr. got the basketball gene. In a short clip that is now being passed around the Internet, LeBron Jr. looks so much like his dad it's cute.

Here's the video:

Everything from his dribble to his quick step around the defenders resembles his father. He is truly a mini version of the King himself. And the basketball world can only hope it sees LeBron James 2.0 in about 15 years.

The recent clip undoubtedly shows a talented kid, but LeBron Sr. said he likes his son's unselfishness the most.

This isn't the first emergence of LeBron Jr. highlights. The Miami Ballers star has shown up periodically over the last few years.

This trick shot made by the young star from a balcony also went viral a year ago.

Regardless of whether "Bronny" will inherit King James' NBA throne, LeBron Sr. is definitely one proud father. And his wife Savannah has her hands full with a house of basketball stars.

Whitney O'Bannon is a new media sports writer for the Deseret News. Follow on Twitter at @whitney_oban.