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J.P. Morgan's latest Twitter campaign is not going according to plan.

J.P. Morgan's plan was to have a nice conversation on Twitter between its vice chairman, James B. Lee Jr., and the delightful denizens of the digital social media world.

It is not going so terribly well.

As Harry Bradford at the Huffington Post points out, "JPMorgan Chase (is) the country's biggest bank by assets, and a company that's dealt with more than $30 billion-plus in fines and legal costs since 2009."

So, this makes the bank a target for some folks — lots of folks.

And J.P. Morgan made it easy for them.

The bank's Twitter account, @jpmorgan, invited people to use Twitter to tweet questions using the hash tag identifier "#AskJPM" for a scheduled Q&A with Lee at 1 p.m. Eastern on Thursday.

As Bradford at the Huffington Post describes it, people began "unloading five-plus years of frustration onto the helpless account."

Here are just a few samples of the "questions" being posted to Lee:

Steven Perlberg at Business Insider wonders, "What exactly possesses PR people into thinking it's a wise idea to launch live 'Twitter Q&As?' "

Nick Summers at BloombergBusinessweek says PR people forget they have no control over social media: "As countless companies and political candidates have already learned, you can’t force a hashtag, and often you risk its being turned into a weapon against you. That’s what happened over the last few days, and especially this afternoon, with some of the public’s undiminished rancor against the big banks getting throw back at whatever poor soul(s) staff the lender’s social media accounts."

One tweet is probably too accurate:

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