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Deseret Book
"Extending Forgiveness" is by Virginia H. Pearce.

In “Extending Forgiveness” (Deseret Book, $10.99), Sister Virginia H. Pearce shares a touching, heartfelt message of the importance of forgiveness. It is a small book but conveys a much larger message. She writes, “… forgiveness is not only possible, it is the sweetest thing we can experience in this life.” She continues by asking, “What is better than to lay down the burden of pain, to be healed by his love, and to then be free to extend that same love to those who have hurt us?”

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Sister Pearce, who previously served as a counselor in the Young Women general presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, describes her search to discover how to forgive others.

She writes that she had heard many talks and messages throughout her lifetime that described the importance of forgiving others, but not many about how to do it. She found the answers she was looking for in stories from the scriptures and in personal, real-life experiences.

She shares stories and experiences in "Extending Forgiveness," and it concludes with these lessons:

Personal desire to forgive is critical.

Hold on to forgiveness as a goal, even while working toward it.

Forgiveness is as much about our relationship with the Lord as it is about our relationship with those who have wronged us.

As we develop forgiving natures, we may refuse to be offended.

We can forgive others for being who they are — and are not.

Forgiveness sometimes requires a great deal of time, yet can happen in a moment.

Forgiveness is a gift of the Atonement, a gift won through Christ’s sacrifice and love.

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