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It's amazing how many people have said that we are going to be fun parents. That is one of my biggest insecurities, so I hope it actually comes true. —Jalene Taylor

On Oct. 28, Utah couple Jalene and Lincoln Taylor announced their pregnancy to Facebook friends through a video that ended up spreading the news not only to online acquaintances but to the world. Since posting their announcement video to YouTube just two weeks ago, the Taylors have been featured on many national news sites, including The Huffington Post, CNN and TODAY.

"We really didn't expect the video to get so big. We had an idea that our family and friends would love it, but didn't think other people would," Jalene Taylor said. "We have really felt loved that all of these strangers around the world are excited for us too!"

It was after a 16-month struggle with infertility that the Taylors found out they were expecting a baby, something they had only dreamed about.

"We had been talking about how we wanted to announce our pregnancy for a long time. Struggling with months of infertility, it helped us to focus on the positive instead of our current situation," Jalene Taylor said. "We've always been the type of people to want to do things differently than the rest of the crowd."

The idea to film a rap video about the family's new addition wasn't something that came up until after Jalene learned she was pregnant.

"I was browsing the Internet for ideas and came across 'Toyota's Swagger Wagon' video and asked Lincoln if we should do a pregnancy rap," Jalene said. "He was hesitant at first but ended up having a blast with it."

In the video titled "Taylor Baby" filmed by Nathan Pickett of Nathan Pickett Films, the couple combined their names to form "Jalincoln" and sang lyrics such as this: "I work hard bringing bacon and making dough, to turn this party of two into a three-man show. Whether it's a sweet baby girl, or a cute baby boy, got a bun in the oven and we're overjoyed."

Even before Pickett knew the format for the video, he agreed to do the filming because after capturing the Taylors' wedding in 2010, he knew it would be a hit.

"Their wedding had so many unique and fun elements, including a hilariously choreographed first dance, there was no question; I knew this was going to be special," Pickett said.

Because Jalene and Lincoln had been participating in fertility treatments, close family and friends already knew about their pregnancy, but the Taylors were excited to use the video as a public announcement and to share it simply to make their family laugh.

"Filming the video was really fun! We never pass up an opportunity to be goofy together," Jalene Taylor said. "We knew it wasn't going to be great; that's why it's funny!"

During the filming process, Pickett said both Jalene and Lincoln were somewhat hesitant, especially during the rapping, but after several hours, they were happy with the finished product.

"If they had known it would be seen by hundreds of thousands of people, that hesitancy may have been a bit more difficult to overcome," Pickett said.

"Jalincoln have a large group of supportive friends and family (they’re popular), but to garner the international attention it has totally took me by surprise. I am still a bit shocked and almost incredulous of the reach it has had. The day I saw them being interviewed on CNN’s 'Showbiz Tonight' was when it hit me the positive impact this was having on people, and it was awesome!"

Most of the reactions the Taylors have received have been positive and have provided the parents-to-be with thoughtful encouragement.

"It's amazing how many people have said that we are going to be fun parents. That is one of my biggest insecurities, so I hope it actually comes true," Jalene said.

"We know parenting will be the most challenging thing we ever do, but it will also be the most rewarding. I think waiting so long for this to happen will help us appreciate and be patient with our child that much more."

While the Taylors are overjoyed with their pregnancy, they remain mindful of the lessons infertility taught them.

"No matter how long your journey is, it is still very difficult," Jalene said. "We definitely learned a lot of things during that time: patience and understanding that it wasn't up to us and our timeline. … We also learned to lean on each other instead of letting it put a wedge between us."

The Taylors' struggle also played a role in Pickett's decision to participate in the project.

"Besides my genuine love for Lincoln and Jalene, what attracted me to this project was my own connection to the experience my wife and I had with infertility. We struggled for five years before starting our own little family with the help and miracle of IVF," Pickett said.

"Familiar with both sides of the issue, I find real joy in supporting not only those who are asked to go through this difficult trial of infertility — for reasons only God knows why — but also I LOVE celebrating the blessing and miracle of a new baby."

Although the Taylors have enjoyed their time together to grow and work on their marriage, they always had hopes that children would be in their future.

"Having a family has always been super important to us. While it is fun to be able to pick up and go anytime without kids, I don't think there is anything in the world more rewarding than having a family," Jalene said.

"We are of course nervous about becoming parents, but we are way more excited! We have been looking forward to this for a long time and can't wait to meet our baby in May."

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