Recently, West Valley City proudly announced a new $10,000,000, eight hundred stall parking garage at the newly developed Fairbourne Station. Our limited tax dollars have gone to advance event centers, hotels, golf courses and similar high-end developments.

In the meantime, it is a common occurrence to see pedestrians walking down dirt paths along busy roads. Some of our city streets don’t have sidewalks yet. City officials and newly elected Mayor Bigelow need to take some of our valuable tax money and invest in the city to make it safe for pedestrians.

West Valley needs to develop more safe cycling routes for its citizens. Cycling to public transportation and schools is a priority. Look at the benefits of bike commuting in our community as well as the economic benefits that cycling brings to our city. West Valley doesn’t even have sufficient bike lanes connecting to its UTA Trax line, Valley Fair Mall or its new Fairbourne Station. The city needs to make sidewalks for pedestrians and safe cycling a higher priority.

Thomas Jackson

West Valley