Every man and women should know how to protect themselves and others. This also means teaching every man, woman and child to shoot a gun. Growing up in a small town in Utah, everyone knew how to shoot a gun, whether it was just for hunting season or protecting our family against harmful situations.

I believe that a hunter safety course should be required in school. Everyone should know how to handle and operate a gun, even if they have no intention of owning one. In Utah, the age to take hunter safety is 12 years old. We should require this course in our schools starting in the sixth grade, and offer it in high school as well. Requiring a gun safety course for all citizens would produce more educated discourse around Second Amendment rights.

I also believe that if we teach our youth how to handle and operate a gun, crime will likely decrease. More specifically, I suspect that if all young women knew how to operate a gun, rape and abuse would decrease as well. At the very least, intelligent discourse would increase. And that is always a good thing.

Audrey Mathisen