Rich Schultz, Associated Press
Janice Kennedy hugs Secret Santa after getting a $100 dollar bill from the wealthy philanthropist from Kansas City, Mo. while looking for clothes at the Salvation Army store in the boro of Staten Island, New York, N.Y., Thursday, Nov. 29, 2012. Secret Santa distributed $100 dollar bills to needy people at several locations in Elizabeth, N.J. and Staten Island.

Reddit is known for large projects that bring together its loyal followers in causes that promote social good and raise money that betters society. And during the holiday season, it gets into the holiday spirit by hosting the largest Secret Santa on record.

This year, it is attempting to break its record by aiming for 65,000 participants in its worldwide gift exchange.

"As if getting mysterious (and often bizarre) gifts from strangers wasn’t incentive enough to participate, here’s another: If the campaign for a new record is successful, everyone who participates will be emailed information on how to obtain an official Guinness World Records certificate (who wouldn’t want that on their fridge?)," James Hibberd of Entertainment Weekly wrote.

The program was founded in 2009, and last year more than 40,000 people took part from more than 130 countries, according to Broadway World.

"Anyone wanting to participate can sign up on the Redditgifts Secret Santa site," said Caroline Siede at The A.V. Club, "where you can also fill out a survey of likes and dislikes to help Secret Santas with the gift buying process. With 23 days to go until sign-up ends on December 2, the site has already reached 82 percent of its goal of 65,000 participants."

Reddit will be collaborating with TruTV, which hosts "Guiness World Records Unleashed," in getting the word out to potential gift-givers.