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Spencer Hill Press
"Extracted" is the first in a series by Sherry D. Ficklin and Tyler H. Jolley.

EXTRACTED,” by Sherry D. Ficklin and Tyler H. Jolley, Spencer Hill Press, $9.95, 310 pages (f) (ages 14 and up)

“Extracted” by Sherry D. Ficklin and Tyler H. Jolley, which is first book in their Lost Imperials series, is an exciting young adult novel that takes place in a steam-punk world with time travel and romance.

It begins by introducing the reader to a group of time travelers called the Rifters. Trained specifically to defend the time stream against those who want to change it, these youngsters are part of an elite squad.

The Hollows are a group of teenagers that have broken off from the Rifters. They do the same things — except the Hollows are rash and could care less about the consequences.

Ember and Lex are members of opposing teams and caught in the middle of this time war. What Lex needs to save his girlfriend is carefully guarded by Rifters and he meets Ember while attempted to retrieve it. The pair have to work together to preserve the time stream and save the future.

One of the most refreshing characters in the book is Ember. She is not a helpless female who is waiting to be rescued — Ember falls in love and knows how to defend herself. It is a welcome alternative to the lovesick teenager that is seen in so many other novels.

Though original, the story is hard to keep track of. The characters are time traveling and encountering a variety of obstacles on the way. It can be hard to figure out when and where the characters are.

There is no inappropriate language or innuendo in the book. There are multiple scenes where the main characters have to defend themselves from their enemies and escape dangerous situations.

All in all, “Extracted” is a creative young adult book that's refreshingly original.

Jolley is a Vernal native and he and Ficklin both live in Colorado. "Extracted" is scheduled to be released on Nov. 12.

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