SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah Wildlife Board has approved changes in fishing regulations for the new year.

All of the changes the board approved will be available in the 2014 Utah Fishing Guidebook, available free at by early December.

Among the changes:

Anglers can have more fish in your possession. Starting Jan. 1, the possession limit will be twice the daily limit at most fishing waters in Utah.

The possession limit will not change at Strawberry or Flaming Gorge reservoirs, however. Anglers who have a limit of fish at home cannot fish these waters until they’ve eaten at least one of the fish.

Anglers won’t be required to eat fish caught at Utah's 10 catch-and-kill waters. Currently, Utah has a regulation that does not allow fish to be “wasted.” “You must eat the fish you keep,” Cushing says.

Starting Jan. 1, the “wasting” rule will be eliminated at catch-and-kill waters. Also, there will no longer be a wasting rule for common carp, no matter where in the state the carp are caught.