We know there is a problem with our schools when Facebook does a better job protecting our children than school principals.

Recently my son has been bullied by a group of kids at his junior high school. I went to the school on three different occasions to press the issue. Each time, little to nothing was done and the bullying only got worse. Finally, my son was assaulted by this group as he was walking to the bus alone.

That same afternoon, my neighbor called me and said I needed to look at Facebook. These bullies had videotaped the whole fight and immediately posted it to Facebook. I watched the attack even before my son got off the bus. When he did, he had two black eyes. I called the school and they had no idea this had occurred, even though it happened in front of the bus driver.

I immediately removed my son from the school, refusing to stand by and watch him be attacked in front of the world but apparently not in front of school administration.

How many more children need to commit suicide from school bullying before our schools take this issue seriously?

Carol Kidman