I read with interest Mr. Evensen's opinion about gambling and found it bothersome. I'm getting more and more opposed to government inserting itself into our lives. If I choose to gamble, shop, donate money to my church, drive expensive cars or use my money in ways that others feel is not responsible, it is none of their business.

I find it interesting that we in Utah have a culture that prizes the paying of tithing, yet we also have one of the highest rates of personal bankruptcy in the country. I could make a case that bishops should question the donation pattern of those in their ward who seem to not be able to support their families.

Do people get addicted to gambling? Yes. Does everybody who gambles get addicted? No. I wish that those who have a better idea as to how I use my and others' money would mind their own business. Maybe we should examine how individuals invest in the stock market. Stock market professionals use the term "betting" when conducting their business. Maybe Mr. Evensen could write an opinion about the foolishness of online stock trading. In the spirit of full honesty, I've lost about $20,000 over the years in online stock trading. I might have done better playing online poker.

Kenneth Avellino