The presidential elections have come and gone, but they do come back again for another round. We don’t always know who will be the next candidates, but one thing for sure about the election of 2016 is that there will be two new candidates for the presidency.

My question is simple: Why do we still have the electoral college? This is a topic that many talk about, but it hardly goes anywhere. In the past, most of the elections are even in the fact that the electoral college and popular votes tend to swing in the same way. However, there have been a few exceptions, such as the George Bush and Al Gore election, where Gore received the more popular vote and Bush had more electoral college, thus he won. This is a prime example of why we should discontinue the use of the electoral college.

We are more advanced than this. We don’t need others to vote for us because Americans are able to think for themselves and have the right for their vote to count and matter. This is not right; every American vote should have an impact on our country. Are we not the land of the free, home of the brave? Can we not think for ourselves? This is something that should change. Are we willing to try?

Jake Sorensen

St. George