Utah is one of the only states in the country that prohibits the sale of liquor in grocery stores. Why is this? It may be the dominant religion of the state, it may be the low statistic of alcohol-related incidents or it may also be that Utah just likes to be different. No matter what the real reason is, it is time to change.

Here are the three reasons why Utah needs to change its liquor laws: First, the revenue. I currently live in St. George, Utah, and in order to get alcohol late at night I choose to drive to Mesquite just 40 minutes away. This is obviously taking away tax money from Utah.

Second, legalizing the sale throughout the night would lead to an increased nightlife in Utah. And last, it will lower the cost for those that do drink. Some liquor is 86 percent more expensive here in Utah than the neighboring state of Nevada. So, let’s keep everyone happy and legalize the full sale of alcohol.

Steven Larson

St. George