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PROVO, Utah — Vivint, a home service automation company based here, has been ranked second for job creation nationally by Inc. magazine.

According to the monthly business magazine's website, Vivint added 1,943 jobs in 18 months, totaling the company's current number of employees at 6,496. According to an Oct. 25 Vivint press release, that’s a 40 percent increase in employment in the past year.

Vivint's job creation ranks second only to Universal Services of America, which added 14,240 in the same 18-month period.

Inc. also recognized Vivint as the top job creator nationally for consumer product and service companies.

In a Fox Business interview where the CEOs of the top three companies on Inc.'s list discussed the effects of Obamacre on businesses, Vivint’s founder and CEO Todd Pedersen was asked by interviewer David Asman what it is that makes Utah such a great state for business growth.

“It’s the quality of the workforce, the very friendly business environment from the local governments and state governments,” Pedersen said. Adding that there’s “very low unemployment but a lot of high-quality people to go to for growth of the business.”

JJ Feinauer is a graduate of Southern Virginia University and a content writer for the Moneywise page on DeseretNews.com. Email: [email protected], Twitter: @jjfeinauer.