If parents knew more in depth of what went on in certain aspects of their children's lives, a lot of bullying could be stopped.

When anyone today hears the word "bully," it automatically has a negative connotation in their mind. But how many of us actually know what it is like to be bullied so badly you want to kill yourself? Not a lot of people know what that is like.

In a recent case in Florida, Rebecca Sedwick was bullied so badly by two of her fellow schoolmates that she eventually committed suicide. A lot of outraged people may ask, "Where were the parents of these two girls when this was happening? And should they be held responsible?" I say yes. To an extent they can certainly be held responsible.

Many times parents seem to be blinded in a sense by the love they have for their children, when in reality they may not know as much as they had hoped.

We all want to believe that our kids are the best, but all we can do is our best. It may be hard and not the most convenient, but I really do believe if parents get more involved it will prevent a lot of bullying in the future. If we ignore problems, we will never find solutions.

Shauna Sampson

Spanish Fork