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Provided by Linda Weaver Clarke
"The Rebels of Cordovia" is by Linda Weaver Clarke.

"THE REBELS OF CORDOVIA," by Linda Weaver Clarke, CreateSpace, $12.95, 220 pages (f)

In this Robin Hood-esque novel, "The Rebels of Cordovia" by Linda Weaver Clarke, two rebel leaders are fighting for the same cause: to free their countrymen from the tyranny of their king. Daniel leads the Freemen, while Robin (a woman) leads Robin's Rebels. As the groups join forces, a romance blossoms between the two leaders and the rebels gain stregth they never had when separate.

"The Rebels of Cordovia" is a fun, clean (aside from a brief prank involving nudity), light-hearted story. The story is obviously inspired by the legendary Robin Hood, though it takes place during the late 16th century. While written for adults, teenagers will likely enjoy the book more.

Clarke is the author of the historical romance series "A Family Saga in Bear Lake, Idaho" and a new mystery series "The Adventures of John and Julia Evans." She lives in Southern Utah.

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