With all that has been going on in the government recently (Government Shutdown, Affordable Care Act, Immigration Reform etc.) something important has slipped passed most Americans and should not be ignored. Our education system has been dramatically altered.

Our Government is dumbing down our children with the Common Core Education System (“CCES”). The CCES standards have not been examined closely, or the research was faulty. Many child education experts agree. One child psychologist stated that the new standards are too relaxed and will lead to behavior problems. The students will not be sufficiently engaged, will tune out their teachers and eventually tune out learning entirely.

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One math professor pointed out that Algebra 2 is now the new standard for graduating high school students rather than the more difficult Trigonometry. He stated that our children will not be able to reach aptitudes required by top colleges. In fact, eighth grade students in the U.S. will be two years behind other high ranking nations.

It would seem all the CCES focuses on is children feeling good, rather than being good. Math, Science, English, and other classes are all left in the dust with self-esteem replacing knowledge and competence.

With the U.S. already lagging so far behind other developed nations, is now a good time to lower our expectations?

Cassondra Cleek

Pleasant Grove