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Aras Baskauskas and Tyson Apostol try to solve the puzzle portion of the Immunity Challenge during the sixth episode of "Survivor: Blood vs. Water" on Wednesday, Oct. 23.

Utahn Tyson Apostol has been using a recent tribe swap to build a strong alliance and take more control of the game in “Survivor: Blood vs. Water” on CBS.

The tribes swapped during last week’s episode and Apostol, 34, of Provo, who has been on both "Survivor: Tocantins" and "Heroes vs. Villains," took the last piece of bamboo with the new buffs inside and decided to "let fate decide."

He ended up on the Tadhana Tribe with former tribemates, alliance members and returning players Gervase Peterson, 43, of “Survivor” Borneo,” and Aras Baskauskas, 31, winner of “Survivor: Panama,” and with original tribe members Ciera Eastin, 24; Hayden Moss, 26; and Caleb Bankston, 26.

In this season of “Survivor,” the castaways are 10 returning players and a loved one, including children, siblings, significant others, spouses or a relative. The returning players were originally in the Galang Tribe, and the loved ones were in another tribe, the Tadhana Tribe.

The new Galang Tribe includes Tina Wesson, 52, who won “Survivor: Australia”; her daughter Katie Collins, 25; Monica Culpepper, 43, of “Survivor: One World”; Laura Boneham, 44, whose husband, Rupert, switched with her when she was voted out; and Aras Baskauskas’ brother, 33-year-old Vytas Baskauskas.

Kat Edorsson, 23, of “Survivor: One World” and Moss’ girlfriend, was voted out on Day 16 during last week’s episode.

Despite Aras and Vytas Baskauskas’s sometimes rocky relationship, Aras is confident Vytas will join their alliance.

“They have been the most dangerous couple in the game,” Apostol said of the Baskauskas brothers as he proposed a final five alliance with Peterson, Moss, Eastin and Bankston. And Aras is one of the few remaining players with a loved one in the game.

“We have to have each other's backs,” Apostol told the group while Baskauskas went to meditate.

Baskauskas had been the head of an alliance with Apostol, Peterson, Culpepper and Wesson before the swap.

But there was a target on Vytas Baskauska’s back as the only man in a tribe of women who are in an alliance.

At the Immunity/Reward Challenge on Day 18, four of the tribe members were chained together and had to go through an obstacle collecting bags of balls and chains. Those bags were given to a fifth tribe member who assembled them into bolos and had to loop three of them on a four-bar rack. Apostol tossed the bolos for his team and narrowly beat Wesson of the Galang Tribe. The reward was a fried chicken lunch with corn on the cob, biscuits, macaroni and cheese, and lemonade, which they all enjoyed.

During the dinner, it came up that at the tribe swap that he came to their tribe and ate a bunch of their food that the tribe previously won.

“I’m a one-man wrecking ball,” Apostol joked. He added that they haven’t been hungry as he has suggested everyone eat full portions of rice. And as a returning player, they didn’t question him.

When a tribe loses the Immunity/Reward Challenge, it goes to Tribal Council where it has to vote out a fellow tribe member. The voted-out castaway goes to Redemption Island and competes in individual duels with others on Redemption Island for a spot to get back in the game.

And once voted out, their loved one can switch with them on Redemption Island.

While Vytas Baskauska was the obvious choice for the all-women alliance to vote out, Laura Boneham announced it after they got back, and that didn’t sit well with the others in their alliance. Boneham was voted out.

“Tonight’s tribal illustrates one of the trickiest parts of the game: Every time you open your mouth you risk saying something that can get you voted out,” host Jeff Probst said.

Also during last week’s episode, Edorsson was emotional as she and Moss discussed switching and in the end they didn’t swap places.

She lost to John Cody, 30, and Laura Morett, 43, a returning player and Eastin’s mother, in the Redemption Island duel on Day 17. Bennett, who was voted out by the Galang Tribe members during this week episode, will face both Cody and Morett, and the previews show that the winner of next week’s Redemption Island duel will get back in the game and the tribes will merge.

In “Survivor,” there are physical and puzzle challenges that determine tribal immunity and, at times, reward, and the losing team heads to Tribal Council, where it votes someone out.

The previews for next week’s episode show that the tribes will merge on Day 19 of the 39-day contest and then the challenges will determine individual immunity. Usually after the tribes merge, the voted-out players comprise a jury that will determine which of the final three will be named “sole survivor” and win the $1 million.

Apostol’s girlfriend, Rachel Foulger, of Provo, was voted out early in the game by her Tadhana tribemates in an attempt to get Apostol, who is a returned Mormon missionary, out of the game. She lost a Redemption Island duel after seven days in the game.

“Survivor: Blood vs. Water” airs Wednesday evenings on CBS.

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