Welfare is not only compassionate; it actually benefits society in many ways.

Because of the recent economic crash, many unlucky Americans have found themselves impoverished with no jobs and nowhere to go. The government was created to promote the welfare of the people in hard times. This safety net has kept millions of people from living on the streets. The majority of recipients of welfare are children, who without assistance would not have the proper nutrition, shelter and health insurance that they need to grow up.

Welfare also improves society by giving people a chance to get back on their feet. I have a friend who, thanks to government assistance, has been able to care for her four children alone, attend school and get a degree instead of working full time at McDonald’s for the rest of her life. Thus, welfare enables people to improve their lives through education, which in turn creates a better world for them, their children and society. This shows that given the chance, people can do amazing things.

Welfare programs aren’t perfect, but Americans should remember that they do what they are meant to do: provide hope for those who are suffering.

Kathleen Weaver

St. George