Trey Burke, the Utah Jazz rookie point guard, is getting in the act. He is doing two things.

First, he doing a rookie’s duty by energizing Utah fans. He is hitting the EnergySolutions Arena ticket office and giving away 400 tickets for the team's season opener Tuesday at 1 p.m. to the first fans to show up sporting their best Jazz gear. Here is his Instagram post about it.

If I had a full tank of gas, I’d show up half-naked painted purple with a giant number 3 sprayed on my belly. Oh, I could get up to Salt Lake City from down here in Provo, but I’d never get home.

The second thing Burke is doing is working the job. He’s got to. I’d love to get that ticket assist 400 other Jazz-crazy fans will, but I’d rather see him running the pick-and-roll. I’m excited for Burke. He has one of those dream jobs everyone dreams of. When I was his age, I was a specialist in the army stationed in South Korea with my first child on the way dreaming about architecture and drawing cartoons.

See, with my army experience, I’d know how to apply all that purple paint and how to get it off quickly. Of course with my girth, it’d take five or six jars of foundation and I’d still end up with paint in my armpits for a month afterwards. Oh yeah, It’d be worth it.

Unlike many media pundits, the Jazz excite me this year. Bleacher Report’s Andy Bailey is pretty pessimistic predicting a lottery-bound 30-52 record. Bailey writes, “That record and standing may look bad, but I think around half of those wins will come during the last couple of months of the season after this young group has experienced some growth and developed chemistry together.” Bailey’s thinking the young Jazz will take a while to get used to each other and the rough and tumble regular season.

The Ball Don’t Lie Staff at Yahoo Sports predict a 20-62 record, expounding:

“Again, things are looking up for the Jazz, even if this season will spiral downward. Massive cap space, emerging young talent and a probably high pick in a very good draft will create great things for this organization.

“Things are going to have to smell for a bit, though.”

The Pro Sports Daily staff pronounces:

“(A Utah Jazz losing season) could actually be the best thing for the Jazz, but if Trey Burke struggles to run an NBA offense as rookie point guards often do, Utah only has the aging Jamaal Tinsley and John Lucas as other options. Alec Burks has shown very little in his young career, and the front court depth is mostly raw. This team has quite a range of possible outcomes, and the Jazz could legitimately only manage 15-18 wins.”

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I hate to hear all that pessimistic stuff. I know an honest assessment is always good, but I’m a real homer — I want the home team to do great. I’m like my Detroit Lions-loving dad. I recognize some type of goat rodeo is necessary for the Jazz to pull off a winning record.

It can happen, of course. With youthful players like Burke playing their hearts out and fans doing their best (yes, I’ll shower this season) I think the Utah Jazz are going to have a great experience this year and use this experience to build a rock solid future.

Aaron Guile lives in Provo, Utah. Aaron can be contacted at and can be followed on Twitter at @AaronGuile.