Liberal letter writer Roger Terry would like us to believe that everything is great because of his statistics. One thing he mentioned ("The sky is not falling on America," Oct. 27) that just is flat out false is that we can keep our health insurance plans under Obamacare.

We might be able to buy insurance from the same insurance companies we currently have. We might also be able to visit the same doctors that we're now visiting. But to say we'll have the same plans is flat out not true. I just met with my insurance broker who told me that because of the requirements that the Obama administration has put on plans, my $1,000 out of pocket maximum has now gone to $5,000. I would hardly call that the same.

He further explained that my current plan no longer exists because it doesn't fit into the administration's specifications. Rates might not be too expensive as the media is reporting, but the benefits now are terrible. I'm one of many now who can't afford to get sick.

Howard Wilkin

Salt Lake City