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Several individuals at KSL where honored with awards at the annual Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards ceremony held in Phoenix last Saturday.
I was honored to be on the team that received so many Emmy awards in Phoenix. I felt proud of my station. This time, it wasn't us saying how good we are, it was someone else who has a high level of journalistic expectations. —Alex Cabrero

SALT LAKE CITY — KSL's newsroom was a big winner at this year's Rocky Mountain Emmy and Utah Broadcasters Association Awards with a combined total of 35 awards, including a prestigious honor for two veteran anchors/reporters.

KSL TV received 18 Emmys at the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Southwest Chapter 36th Annual Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards last Saturday in Phoenix. Longtime anchors Carole Mikita and Keith McCord were also among six individuals inducted into the Silver Circle Society, which recognizes broadcast journalists who have been in the business for 25 years.

KUTV-Channel 2 and KSTU-Channel 13 also represented the Salt Lake City market in Phoenix. KUTV was awarded three Emmys and KSTU received one.

Sixteen awards were also handed out to KSL newsradio and TV personnel at the Utah Broadcasters Association UBEE 2013 Awards at the Salt Lake County Complex on Oct. 16.

"Having so many members of our staff receive this recognition is a great compliment to the journalistic talent that is at KSL," said Tanya Vea, KSL’s executive vice president of news. "While the awards are certainly an honor, what truly motivates us is serving an audience who puts their trust in us every day. Our viewers push us to continuously strive to be leaders in the community and work harder. It’s humbling when our peers also recognize our efforts."

Mikita, McCord, Alex Cabrero and Mike Headrick attended the event in Phoenix. McCord said he was not aware of the Emmy "Silver Circle Award" until last year. Although unexpected, there is "nothing like a pat on the back from your peers," he said.

"In a profession that’s demanding and stressful at times, it’s great to know that others appreciate the years of service and have come to trust me and the work that I do," McCord said. "I have met great people along the way, those that I’ve interviewed, as well as those I’ve worked with."

Mikita was honored by the nomination and humbled to be inducted into the Silver Circle.

"I love KSL TV News and what I do with a passion but it is my colleagues who, for nearly 35 years now, have shared a vision, have helped me create, have made me look good," Mikita said. "To receive this award with my dear friend, Keith McCord, was an added joy.

"I believe that we introduce our audience to remarkable people who have compelling stories to tell every day," she said. "I hope that we have a continued opportunity to submit our favorite stories for our fellow journalists to see and appreciate."

As a young reporter in 1998, Cabrero remembers taking a guided tour of KSL with "friendly, genuine, and respectful" McCord as the guide. His desk has also sat next to Mikita for the last three years.

"I couldn't believe I was lucky enough to see Carole and Keith get this honor," Cabrero said. "I was honored to be on the team that received so many Emmy awards in Phoenix. I felt proud of my station. This time, it wasn't us saying how good we are, it was someone else who has a high level of journalistic expectations."

Headrick was not surprised by KSL's success at the Emmys, he said.

"KSL has some of the most talented journalists, not just in Utah, but the western United States," Headrick said. "The Emmys are just validation of something we already believe at KSL."

The following individuals were honored with Emmys in Phoenix:

Sports, news single story — "Kicking and Screaming," Mike Headrick, Darren Bailey, Linda Williams; "The Lexe Selman Story," Matt Glade, Jeremiah Jensen and Dave Noriega.

Religion, program feature/segment — "Finding Forgiveness," Irinna Danielson, Lance Hope; "Katherine Nelson," Tim Johnson; "Miracle of Music: Lessons Learned by the Piano Guys," Irinna Danielson.

Video journalist — "Beehive Artist," Peter Rosen; "Trucker's Telescope," Peter Rosen.

Graphic arts, graphics/animation — Graphics, Justin Carter.

Interactivity — "Bystander Effect," Andrew Wittenberg, Ken Fall.

Human interest, news single feature/segment — "English Channel Swimmer," Alan Neves.

Societal concerns, program feature/segment — "Hands Free," Mike Headrick, Darren Bailey.

General assigment report — "NCAA Impact," Andrew Wittenberg.

Spot news — "The Dam Break," Alex Cabrero, James Young.

Continuing coverage — "Radon Unregulated," Mike Headrick, Darren Bailey and Linda Williams.

Feature news report, light feature/light series — "Ghost Hunters," Andrew Wittenberg, Jared Hargrave, Peter Rosen; "Homeless Resume," Keith McCord, Ken Fall; "Jon Carter, One on One," Dave McCann, Ken Fall.

News special — "Firewatch: Utah Burning," Linda Williams.

Those receiving UBEE awards are as follows:

KSL Newsradio

Gold: R01, best 30-second commercial, "Line of Duty," Dave Cawley.

Gold: R10, best feature story or program, "Military Schools," Mary Richards.

Gold: R10, best feature story or program, "Safe Scare," Paul Nelson.

Silver: R10, best feature story or program, "House Divided," Randall Jeppesen.

Bronze: R12, best breaking news coverage, "Dump Fire," KSL team.

Gold: R13, best news reporting in a series, "SLC Refugees," Nkoyo Iyamba.

Bronze: R13, best news reporting in a series, "Bath Salts," Peter Samore.

Silver: R13, best news reporting in a series, "Modesty Messages," Maria Shilaos.

Gold: R13, best news reporting in a series, "Guns in the Home," Andrew Adams.

Gold: R14, best radio personality or team, "The Doug Wright Show," Doug Wright, Lee Lonsberry.

Gold: R15, best newscast, "Freezing Rain 1/24/13," KSL team.

Bronze: R16, best website, "," KSL Team.


Gold: T08, best sports story, "NBA Star Builds Danny a Wheelchair Ramp," Tom Kirkland, Ben Schroeder.

Gold: T08, best sports story, "Lexe Kicks Leukemia," Jeremiah Jensen, Matt Glade and Dave Noriega.

Gold: T08, best sports story, "Lone Peak: The Making of a Champion," Jeremiah Jensen, Matt Glade, Dave Noriega and Ken Fall.

Silver: T14, best news, "Ghost Hunters Investigate Baron Woolen Mills," Jared Hargrave.

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