I was stunned to see Senator Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, say Senator Mike Lee, R-Utah, needs to "rehabilitate" himself because of the government shutdown. I have always thought Sen. Hatch was a respectable and good Senator, but now I see him for who has has really become.

He thinks Sen. Lee should have used a different approach to stop Obamacare. I assume it is the approach he has been using for decades in the Senate to pass a balanced budget amendment. Well, his approach of cultivating friendships and compromise for decades has gotten us where we are now with $17 trillion in debt and an ever expanding and intrusive government. I would bet 99.9% of Utah voters don't even know Sen. Hatch wants a balanced budget amendment.

I applaud Sen Mike Lee for taking a courageous and public stand against a destructive law and not worrying about what the Washington culture thinks of him. Sen Hatch should remove the beam in his own eye first so he can see clearly.

Andy Erickson