"Fairy Birds: Fairy Godmothers in Training" is by Heather Fujikawa and Heidi Andrews and illustrated by Simini Blocker.

"FAIRY BIRDS: Fairy Godmothers in Training," by Heather Fujikawa and Heidi Andrews, illustrated by Simini Blocker, Shine Publishing, $16.95 (f) (ages 4-6)

"Fairy Birds: Fairy Godmothers in Training" is a colorful, sweet story that brings the magic of giving to a story about flying, fairies and feathers.

It's based on the premise that the more people give, the better everyone is, which is a worthy premise.

The picture book is illustrated in pretty colors by Simini Blocker, from New York, and written by twin sisters Heather Fujikawa, who lives in Italy, and Heidi Andrews, who lives in California.

There are six colored feathers that each young fairy godmother-in-training must earn. For the first feather, a pink "Givie" one, they need to discipher a message of who needs help. It's the first of six planned books in the series, each one focusing on a different colored feather.

It's whimsical and appealing.

The only problem is the story line is very thin.

The fledgling fairies give a dance lesson here and pull weeds there. But there isn't any kind of real sacrifice or effort involved in their giving. So while it's nice enough, it may not quite engage or have staying power.

Comment on this story

Perhaps the story should include all six colors of feathers and the story of what's involved to earn them in one volume instead of stretching it into six books. Then it might be more satisfying and worthwhile sharing with children who need to understand what giving to others is all about.

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'Fairy Birds: Fairy Godmothers in Training'

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