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Orson Whitney Press
"Lord Trowbridge's Angel" is a Regency-era novel by G.G. Vandagriff.

"LORD TROWBRIDGE'S ANGEL," by G.G. Vandagriff, Orson Whitney Press, $8.99, 223 pages (f)

Miss Sophie Edwards has few friends, by choice. She prefers quality over quantity. So when her dear friend Melissa has a coming out ball in London, Sophie leaves her quiet life in the country to support her friend — even though she doesn't dance on account of her lame knee.

Prior to Sophie's arrival, it was arranged that Viscount Frank Trowbridge would escort her to the ball, which will be Sophie's first. Frank, who has not quite found a purpose for his life, has filled his with sports, women and other meaningless exploits to satisfy his boredom.

During the ball, it does not take Frank long to realize that Sophie is different from the other beauties he's met in the town. She's passionate about her music and has the face of an angel. He is desperate to become part of her life, but Sophie isn't so sure. She agrees to have a "trial friendship" with Frank and see if he can prove a real friend.

Sophie, who is a master violinist, hosts a musical evening, when she plays her violin for a few guests. When Frank hears her play the violin, something about the music changes him. He finds a purpose for his life — and that is to woo and marry Sophie.

That evening sets Sophie and "Gorgeous Frank" on a drama-packed courtship as Frank battles another suitor for Sophie's attention, and his former mistress makes it clear she will do anything to stay in his life. For Sophie, who has never been courted before and is used to a quiet, simple country life, the twists, turns and misunderstandings that ensue might prove to be too much.

Utah author G.G. Vandagriff's creates a delightful love story for readers— making Frank an excellent flirt and a swoon-worthy character, adding amusing comic relief and creating the perfect amount of page-turning drama that will have readers wondering if Frank and Sophie will ever come together.

Vandagriff keeps her Regency-era love stories sweet and limits romance to kissing and longing, making this story appropriate for young adult readers.

"Lord Trowbridge's Angel" is part of Vandagriff's Three Original Ladies and Their Gentlemen series and includes characters from the other two books.

Hikari Loftus is a graduate from the University of Utah.