Every attempt by the federal government to provide an immediate want or need of the general population has failed miserably because it's impossible. These things are reserved by the Constitution to the states and to the people.

Many federal programs are years behind in the paperwork. Veterans applying for health care from the VA system is only one example. Applying is relatively easy. Determining who is qualified and who is complying explodes into impossible tasks. It takes multiples numbers of people to process each application.

Now that every person in the U.S. is required to purchase health care that meets specific federal standards, it should be obvious that there are not enough potential forms checkers in the entire United States, even if they hired everybody. Who then would do the regular work? Our public servants just took on another transcendent task: Determining who among all of us is the best and brightest. When have you scheduled me to take the test?

Byron Gibbs

Salt Lake City