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S. Michael Wilcox is the author of "Face to Face: Seeking a Personal Relationship with God."

"FACE TO FACE: Seeking a Personal Relationship with God," by S. Michael Wilcox, Deseret Book, $18.99, 154 pages (nf)

If Moses and Abraham can talk with the Lord face to face, we can too.

That's the main idea behind author S. Michael Wilcox's new book, "Face to Face: Seeking a Personal Relationship with God."

"God is our Father, is he not? Therefore we may all talk with him face to face," Wilcox said in the book's introduction. "This is a book about feeling and finding, about reaching for the Father we must trust and love."

Wilcox writes that for Moses, Abraham and others, speaking with the Lord face to face may have meant an actual physical encounter. But for most, this expression suggests friendship, open communication, honesty and personal spiritual communion.

Wilcox explores this deeper relationship by studying scriptural expressions and concepts like "pouring out," "wrestling," being "filled with desire," and "knocking" at the door Jesus Christ promised would open to each earnest seeker, especially in times when there is an urgent need to hear from heaven.

"Those are the scriptural expressions I have found most useful when I have deeply needed heaven to hear, when I have needed to know in my soul that more than my words were being received," Wilcox wrote in the introduction.

Wilcox, a popular speaker and author of several books, is a retired institute instructor for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He has spoken to numerous packed crowds at Brigham Young University's Campus Education Week and has hosted tours to the Holy Land and to church history sites.

Wilcox: How to developing a relationship with God

In this Time Out For Women video, author S. Michael Wilcox tells a family story about his son, a rock and the relief that comes from "pouring out." This material comes from his new book, "Face to Face: Seeking a Personal Relationship with God.

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