Kudos to Sen. Mike Lee for a principled stand in his efforts to reign in and slow the explosive expansion of governmental power into the lives of Americans. Lee’s stand is truly courageous in the face of overwhelming criticism from the media and power brokers. He is acting the part of a true statesman insisting on more than pretend push back against the tidal wave of socialism that is sweeping America even amidst calls by many self-styled conservatives to compromise.

Senator Lee understands the goals and methods of those who oppose limited constitutional government and he recognizes that at this perilous point in our history anything less than a roll back or effective obstruction of the ongoing socialist takeover of America emboldens the enemies of America’s founding principles and is the equivalent of Chamberlain’s once celebrated efforts to bring peace to the world.

Rather than dividing and undermining the Grand Old Party, Senator Lee, and others, such as Senator Ted Cruz, who fearlessly join him in the fight, may just save the Republican party from itself as it moves toward abandoning substantive defense of its own platform in a descent to irrelevance.

Benjamin Davis

Cottonwood Heights