We’ve been subjected to much ranting and raving about those dastardly tea party members, those awful ultra-conservatives, throughout the course of the government shutdown. Guess who the most ultra-conservative politicians in this nation’s history were? Hint: they aren’t Mike Lee and Ted Cruz.

How about George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and particularly James Madison and in general the framers of our Constitution, who were the most ultra-conservatives in our history. They designed a Constitution that defined and limited powers to the Federal government (Obamacare goes against that sacred document). They designed a document that separated powers among the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government.

The executive branch of government tramples on that Separation of Powers Clause through its issuance of executive orders and agency regulations (EPA, Dept of Education, etc.). Forget the labels; these inspired men knew the consequences of a Federal Government run amuck.

When we give Congress a low approval rating, we are in fact rating ourselves, because we elected these individuals into office. The finger of bad government points to the electorate, not the elected.

Frank Overfelt

Cottonwood Heights