Steven Garrett Thayer
Steven Garrett Thayer

ST. GEORGE — A former Washington County corrections deputy was charged Monday with sexual misconduct with three female inmates.

Steven Garrett Thayer, 27, was charged with custodial sexual relations, a third-degree felony, and seven counts of custodial sexual misconduct, a class A misdemeanor.

Two female inmates at Washington County's Purgatory Jail told police they had sexual interactions with Thayer on several occasions, according to an affidavit filed in 5th District Court.

When police interviewed Thayer, he admitted to some of the sexual misconduct, and told investigators about a sexual relationship with a third female inmate, the affidavit states.

Police arrested Thayer Oct. 15, the same day the Washington County Sheriff's Office announced that Thayer had been fired.

Sheriff's spokesman Nate Abbott confirmed at the time that an internal investigation by the sheriff's office has concluded. The Washington County Attorney's Office is conducting a criminal investigation.