Every nation on Earth is special for something; this map will tell you what.

Did you know that Kyrgyzstan leads the world in walnut forests? Or that Mongolia has the most Velociraptor fossils, Kenya has the most national parks and wildlife, and that Bulgaria leads the world in the American Dream? And how about this whammy: Burma leads the world in speaking Burmese.

This is all according to a new map from Doghouse Diaries, which seeks to give each (or most) countries something special that sets it apart from the rest. Like killer lakes (Cameroon) or having the most landmines (Serbia).

Granted, most of the sources do come from Wikipedia (where else can it be found that Azerbaijan leads the world in Internet piracy?) which can be a fair-weather source, and there are a few oversights — the outrage that is giving the world's leading smokers (Greece) Eastern Thrace when it clearly belongs to apricots (Turkey), or that Burma also leads the world in child soldiers and not just speaking Burmese (though they do lead in that as well). Where else is it possible to find such an informative map to plan a vacation?

For a zoomable version of the map, click here, and see which country has the most Fascist movements!

Freeman Stevenson is a Snow College grad and a writer for the Opinion section and Brandview. Email Freeman at [email protected]