So let me get this straight. We are $17 trillion in debt, we have $90 trillion in unfunded liabilities, we have unsustainable entitlement programs, Obamacare is a train wreck (I didn’t say that, the liberal Sen. Max Baucus did) and is another unaffordable entitlement program, and how do our illustrious leaders deal with it? They don’t. They again kicked the can down the road another two or three months as if then they can get together and solve the problems they ignore now.

While the country speedily heads directly for the wall, politicians play around. But they are patting each other on the back and kissing up to each other and applauding each other, and the pundits and the bloggers and TV anchors all sing their praises while we the people, the country, continue to be played and exploited.

And for the record, when these politicians get together again, no meaningful entitlement reform will be resolved, no significant spending cuts will be implemented, taxes will go up, the government leviathan will continue to expand and the upcoming rendezvous with the wall will remain sure.

Gary Russon

Salt Lake City