I, for one, am tired of the blame game, especially during a time of political and potential economic crisis. We have the Democrats blaming the Republicans, the Republicans blaming the Democrats, and everyone blaming the tea party.

No one is blameless for this mess we are in. When I hear a senator or congressman or the president blaming and shaming, I feel degraded. Almost without exception I hear a “but” when a politician gets his sound bite that attempts to blame someone else and exonerate himself or his party.

The truth is quite simple. These elected officials were elected by the electorate by enough voters for them to have a majority. But they were elected to represent all their constituents and Americans, even those with whom they disagree.

It is past time to call the bluff of our elected officials who seem to delight in last-minute brinkmanship, instead of being the leaders they promised they would be and were elected to be. At the next election I am thinking seriously of making sure that I do not vote for any incumbent.

Craig McKenna

American Fork