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A study released in August by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows which American jobs are the most potentially dangerous.

As the economy continues to trudge toward recovery, those now re-entering the job market must decide which industries to join.

Last January, to help those looking for work, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released a report of the fastest-growing industries. Everything from computer system and design-related work to child care services were projected to see major demand increases in the coming years.

Job seekers might also need to consider more recent information from the bureau, however.

In August, the BLS released its report of the most dangerous jobs in the country. According to the most recent statistics, a total of 4,383 fatal work injuries were recorded in 2012, many of which were concentrated within 10 careers.

While the study shows that overall, the most dangerous industries have declined in fatal injuries, it’s important to note that one of the jobs listed in the BLS study as being particularly dangerous is also included in the list of the fastest-growing industries: construction.

So as the currently unemployed — or those who wish to switch careers — consider their job options, understanding the potential risks of the country's most dangerous professions could make all the difference.

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