Perhaps it's to be expected that with the release of Elizabeth Smart's new book, public comment would again bubble with speculations about her family's motivations in telling and selling various versions of her story. I see renewed criticism on the Deseret News' comment board against Elizabeth's uncle, Tom Smart, for writing "In Plain Sight," including the charge he did so solely for money.

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Allow me to set the record straight. Tom Smart has donated every penny of his book's profit to the Rape Recovery Center in Salt Lake City. He sends quarterly residual checks to our office, and we in turn have used the contributions to underwrite the many direct services we provide to victims of sexual violence, ages 14 and older: 24-hour crisis intervention; victim advocacy during hospital rape exams and help in navigating the legal system; mental health therapy and community education.

I only hope Doug Robinson's column will create new interest around Tom and Lee Benson's book. It will mean more books sold and more money for the noble cause of supporting and empowering rape survivors.

Holly Mullen, Executive Director, Rape Recovery Center

Salt Lake City