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STUART JOHNSON, Deseret News archives
American Fork High pitcher Hap Holmstead winds up against a Timpanogos High batter in April 10, 2006.

Pleasant Grove resident Hap Holmstead lost 17 pounds on his first week at the Biggest Loser Ranch and his team was safe from sending someone home this week. He smiled at the result, which puts him at 386 pounds. He started at 403 pounds.

During the first episode of Season 15 of NBC's “The Biggest Loser: Second Chances,” the trainers picked their teams based on the workouts.

Holmstead, 26, who is a Mormon returned missionary, is on the blue team with trainer Bob Harper.

Also on the blue team are Holley Mangold, 24, an Olympic weightlifter; 26-year-old Chelsea Arthurs; Bobby Saleem, 28, an attorney; and Matt Hooper, 38, who postponed his wedding to come to the ranch.

Harper said he's happy with his team.

“I know what Holley’s made out of out. I know what Hap’s made out of and I know what Chelsea’s made out of,” Harper said on the show. “But Bobby and Matt are my wild cards.”

Holmstead, a husband and father of three young children, played high school baseball and has also competed in powerlifting.

The teams compete, work out and weigh in together. The team that loses the least weight each week usually has to vote to send one of their team members home.

On Tuesday’s episode there wasn’t a vote, but a red line, meaning that the person on the losing team with the lowest percentage of weight loss would be automatically sent home.

Harper’s blue team lost a combined total of 88 pounds. Dolvet Quince’s red team, including “American Idol” winner Ruben Studdard, lost 107 pounds, and Jillian Michael’s while team lost a total of 71 pounds.

Holmstead was nervous during the white team’s weigh-in as he figured he had the lowest percentage of weight loss on his team.

Craig Arrington, 29, lost 13 pounds from his 385-pound starting weight, and it was the lowest percentage of weight loss, falling below the red line.

New this season, each trainer has a “trainer save” and Michaels used hers to save Arrington during Tuesday's episode. No one was eliminated.

Fifteen people are competing to win the “The Biggest Loser” and $250,000 prize.

“The Biggest Loser” airs Tuesday evenings on NBC.

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