As we approach Thanksgiving, keep in mind that not all the turkeys are in the turkey farms. There are 535 turkeys in Congress, 435 in the House of Representatives and 100 in the Senate. We hired (elected) these people to work for us, not for themselves, not for their party and not for special-interest groups.

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If these legislators were working in the private sector, 90 percent of them would be fired. Listen up, people: Next year all of the congressmen and roughly one third of the senators are up for re-election. We must elect all new legislators who will work for “we the people."

It is wishful thinking, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if new legislators would change the way Congress works: term limits, pensions based on the number of years served, the requirement that the legislators get their health care the way the rest of us do, and change the method of districting so that gerrymandering cannot create safe seats for incumbents.

Oh well. That’s what dreams are made of.

Robert Brodstein