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"Leonard Maltin's 2014 Movie Guide" includes more than 15,000 movies.

"LEONARD MALTIN'S 2014 MOVIE GUIDE: The Modern Era," edited by Leonard Maltin, Plume, $25, 1,644 pages (nf)

Leonard Maltin is well aware that we live in the Internet-information age. However, he also understands the difficulties regarding validating the information found on the Web. Because of this, he continues to research thousands of movies and compile the most accurate information in his movie guide.

His latest, “Leonard Maltin’s 2014 Movie Guide: The Modern Era,” is no exception. With more than 1,600 pages regarding more than 15,000 movies, it is possible this book offers more information than most readers will ever need.

Along with a brief synopsis for each movie, Maltin’s guide uses symbols to list the different formats movies can be found in: videocassette, laserdisc and DVD/Blu-Ray. Movies are rated as high as four stars and as low as one and a half stars. A few, truly terrible movies, are rated as BOMBs.

Movie listings give the year films were first available, their length and if they are in color. Each movie also lists its director and prominent actors. While this book contains information on many older, classic movies, its emphasis is on recent films. References to its companion volume, “Leonard Maltin’s Classic Movie Guide,” are listed for older films.

Due to continual formatting changes since movies have been produced, Maltin notes any unique screen ratios. Also, for those interested in purchasing or renting movies, a list of more than 25 reputable Internet stores is given.

Maltin has published comprehensive movie guides since 1969. A film critic with many awards and titles, he lives in New York City with his wife.

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