Dan Liljenquist's comments on the importance of collegiality in a legislative body are correct ("Sen. Lee may have permanently damaged himself," Oct. 10). However, Sen. Lee's ideology, not his collegiality, is his primary obstacle in winning support from more Utah voters.

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This and other editorials in the Morning News by Sen. Liljenquist seem to be an attempt to recast himself as a more moderate GOP voice. This seems odd when only 16 months ago, Sen. Liljenquist was courting the same tea party base that gave us Sen. Lee. Running to the right of Sen. Hatch and teaming up with Freedom Works certainly demonstrated to the hard right his desire to be one of them.

Yes, collegiality is important, but it will take much more time and many more editorials to demonstrate that Sen. Liljenquist's ideology is any different than Sen. Lee's.

Bill Palmer