America has had 200 years of unprecedented prosperity. But since the Great Depression, forces have been at work to destroy the very principle that has made that prosperity possible. Under our system of capitalism, individuals find that they can reach their dreams through hard work, and thus they dream and take risks as entrepreneurs. Some make it really big — but most make a reasonable living and then carry with them those who are not quite so ambitious, so that they, too, make a good living.

But the socialists believe that this is unfair and want the same triumphs without the effort or the risk. They seek to take away the harvest and then give it back as an allowance to all so that each one gets the same reward. But this destroys all incentive — why work when your neighbor gets just as much by not working?

The current battle in Washington, D.C., is about this very issue. Having Obamacare forced down our throats is a huge step in this direction. The next battle will be huge tax increases to fund all of this and shutting down health care unless big brother gets his way. Each step accelerates the ultimate collapse of our whole economic system and this great country will cease to exist. I applaud those in Congress who see this for what it is and are taking a stand to preserve what we have been blessed with.

Dennis Loveridge

South Jordan