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Tonya Olsen is the author of "Room Recipes: A Creative and Stylish Guide to Interior Design."

"ROOM RECIPES: A Creative and Stylish Guide to Interior Design," by Tonya Olsen, Plain Sight, $26.99, 272 pages (nf)

Utah interior designer Tonya Olsen has the recipe for do-it-yourself design success in her debut book "Room Recipes: A Creative and Stylish Guide to Interior Design."

With a master's degree in interior design from Utah State University and nearly 10 years of professional design experience, Olsen has put together a book that mixes and matches styles and tastes the way a chef would put together a cookbook.

This design book can help homeowners find their creative style and recognize how to achieve the design look they love in their own homes.

Olsen begins by quoting Olivia Wilde: "Inspiration is the key to everything."

Olsen offers advice on everything from how to find what inspires you, what tools are needed to get the job done, and how to take time and enjoy the process.

Olsen's love of design is evident in every stunning color photograph and written word, spreading her passion throughout the pages.

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The book is conveniently categorized by room type: the rooms you enter into, eat in, live in and sleep in. Each room category has multiple options for design, from rustic farmhouse to contemporary modern.

The room recipe is broken up into four parts: palettes, ingredients, room recipe and garnish. The clever play on a chef's vocabulary guides the reader through the different steps in decorating a room, from paint color to accessories, and provides DIY tutorials for different projects shown.

Olsen finishes up with an index of alphabetized items of everything shown in the book and a shopping guide on where items can be purchased.

"Room Recipes" is a truly a treat for any DIY designer or homeowner.

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